Traditional vs. Smart Thermostats in Wendell, NC

Traditional thermostats require manual programming to regulate your home temperature. Smart thermostats, on the other hand, regulate your Wendell, NC home temperature automatically using an internet-controlled device. Here are the differences between traditional and smart thermostats.


One of the main differences between traditional and smart thermostats is the auto-scheduling feature. Smart thermostats use algorithms and pattern recognition technology to create a cooling schedule that runs automatically. This helps reduce your energy bills and improve your comfort by removing human error from scheduling.

Traditional thermostats require that you change the temperature manually in one place that then tries to deliver the same temperature through your home. Smart thermostats, however, can integrate with movement sensors in your home and regulate the temperature based on your movements inside your home. This helps to save energy by customizing the cooling requirements of each room.

Internet Connection

Smart thermostats have the ability to connect to the internet, unlike traditional thermostats. A Wi-Fi module enables the thermostat to connect to the internet as well as with other smart devices.

Some smart thermostats have a geofencing feature that allows them to track your location via GPS. This is possible through the connection between your smartphone and the smart thermostat. Geofencing alerts the thermostat when you are not home and lowers your home temperature to save on costs.

Smart thermostats, unlike traditional ones, can receive weather updates. This helps to forecast weather changes and make appropriate changes in temperature automatically. You will be able to save time to manually adjust your thermostat whenever there are drastic changes in the weather.

Track Energy Usage

Another difference between traditional and smart thermostats is the ability to track your energy usage. Smart thermostats can send your monthly energy usage directly to your email. It can also show fluctuations in energy consumption and energy-saving tips to save money on energy bills.

Remote Access With a Smart Thermostat

These thermostats can connect with smartphones and tablets to allow remote access. This means that you can regulate your home temperatures even when you are away on vacation. The remote control gives you more flexibility in programming your thermostat, unlike traditional thermostats.

Smart thermostats have gone a technological step further than the traditional ones by integrating voice control. This allows you to issue voice commands to adjust your home temperatures. This helps to improve your comfort and save time to adjust your thermostat manually.

Creation of Zones

Traditional thermostats control the temperature of the whole house. A WiFi thermostat can divide your home into different cooling zones and regulate their temperatures separately. This helps to increase your energy savings and improve your home comfort by offering more convenience in your cooling preferences.

Learning Systems

Another feature that differentiates smart thermostats from traditional ones is the ability to learn your daily routines and patterns. This helps them to predict when you are most likely to be at home and when you are most likely to be away. Through this feature, a smart thermostat can adjust to optimum temperatures just before you enter your home or turn to energy-saving mode after you leave your home.

Creation of a Smart Home Network

Smart thermostats can link with other smart home devices and exchange information. These smart devices must be compatible with the thermostat, and they include smart dehumidifiers and air purifiers. This enables you to achieve home automation and create a comprehensive smart home network.

Traditional thermostats have smaller displays with poorly–lit screens. Smart thermostats have an attractive display with full-color touchscreens that are bright and easier to use and read. This offers easier accessibility and improves the aesthetic value of your home.

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