3 Signs You Need Immediate AC Repair in Bunn, NC

Machines break down at some point, and your air conditioner is no exception. Addressing a faulty AC early helps to restore your family’s comfort quickly and avoid more expensive damage. Discover below some indicators that show you need AC repair immediately in Bunn, NC.

1. Unusual Sounds and Smells

Your air conditioner should operate without interrupting your indoor comfort; its objective is to keep you as comfortable as possible. The unit should not produce any irritating sounds or smells. Weird AC sounds and smells indicate something is wrong with your system.

You may encounter sounds such as banging, hissing, gurgling, buzzing and vibrating. A loose component causes banging noises while hissing and gurgling occur when your refrigerant is leaking. Compressor issues may cause the outdoor component to vibrate when starting, and electrical issues may result in buzzing noises.

Your AC may produce a car exhaust smell when the leaking refrigerant comes in contact with hot AC components. You may get a musty odor when your AC is not draining moisture efficiently, thus, causing biological contaminants to flourish.

2. Running Continuously

If you have ever observed your AC closely, you will notice the system runs in cycles. Therefore, if the system runs continuously, there is an issue that needs a technician’s attention.

Some issues that may cause your AC to run incessantly are a dirty outdoor component, a dirty filter, refrigerant leaks and leaky ductwork. Scheduling regular maintenance helps to keep your system’s components clean. The visiting technician will also spot and fix issues early before they worsen.

3. Failure to Cool Your House

If your air conditioner fails to do its job, do not postpone scheduling repairs. Some issues that may cause your air conditioner to fail to cool your home include refrigerant leaks, leaky ducts, a dirty outdoor unit and a dirty air filter.

Contact Alford Mechanical for exceptional air conditioning services. Do not attempt to repair your AC if you are not a professional technician, as you may worsen the damage. Instead, allow our experts to handle any issues interrupting your comfort.

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