3 Ways IoT Devices Facilitate Predictive Maintenance

You’re probably aware of the importance of regular maintenance for the HVAC system in your Spring Hope, North Carolina, home. What you may not know is that there are many different ways to determine when this maintenance should be done. Most homeowners rely on routinely scheduled preventive maintenance or problem-driven reactive maintenance. Predictive maintenance offers a little of both. Use predictive maintenance to determine when an HVAC repair is needed just before the part actually fails.

Monitoring Energy Efficiency

Some types of HVAC technology, such as smart thermostats, are capable of monitoring and evaluating the system’s energy efficiency. These Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats provide homeowners with detailed reports that reveal when the furnace or air conditioner is using more energy than usual to provide the same amount of heating or cooling. When there’s a notable decrease in energy efficiency, you can take action to identify and remedy the problem. This type of information is the key to working with a predictive model rather than a regularly scheduled preventative one.

Evaluating Operational Changes

Modern IoT technology can monitor minute details of HVAC performance, gathering information that was previously unavailable. Sensors can track things like vibration. This is fed into a cloud-based program where algorithms use these details to determine the efficiency of your HVAC components. With the right technology, it’s possible to predict when a part will need replacing just before it fails, so you can get the maximum usefulness from your system and handle repairs before expensive and inconvenient problems arise.

Communicating Valuable Data

One of the most important features of IoT devices is their internet connectivity. These products facilitate predictive HVAC maintenance by staying in constant contact with associated apps. The information collected by smart appliances must be transmitted, processed, and translated in order to be useful. Informed consumers who know how to monitor and respond to the information can use it to develop a smart maintenance plan.

If you’re interested in upgrading your HVAC system to make predictive maintenance easier with a smart thermostat, contact Alford Mechanical at 919-246-5265.

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