4 Reasons to Have Your Furnace Tuned Up this Fall in Wake County, NC

As the cold season draws closer, getting your furnace checked is the best thing you can do for your Wake County, NC, house. Fall furnace tune-up is a key step to ensuring your heating system works perfectly during the freezing winter. Here are four benefits of getting your home’s furnace tuned up this fall.

1. Fewer Repair Expenses

Fall furnace tune-up examines all parts of your heating system. The technician identifies and corrects any improper or loose electrical connections, preventing electrical system failure. Also, the technician will replace components that have worn out over time.

Consequently, your heating system will have a lower risk of malfunction. The maintenance expenses are cheaper compared to furnace repairs.

2. Keeps Your House Safe

Neglecting furnace tune-up not only keeps your home uncomfortable but could also sabotage your family’s safety. As your heating system wears out, small cracks could begin showing along the heat exchanger.

These cracks allow carbon monoxide into your home, which is a deadly gas. Carbon monoxide doesn’t have a taste or smell, so it will make you sick and could kill quietly and gradually. You don’t want to experience carbon monoxide poisoning, so make sure to schedule a heating system tune-up.

3. Fewer Heating Expenses

Every homeowner wants to enjoy convenient heating without necessarily straining their wallet. Fall tune-up clears dirt from components in the furnace, which could affect the heating efficiency.

Dirt buildup can minimize your system’s efficiency by up to 40%. A clean furnace provides peak efficiency, so you spend less on heating bills. Also, you extend the furnace’s lifespan.

4. Healthy Air Quality

Most homeowners in Wake County, NC, are now taking steps to make sure they have healthy air in their houses. Dirty heating systems collect harmful allergens and irritants, triggering infections. Fall furnace tune-up will clean out these contaminants before they begin circulating in your home.

Contact Alford Mechanical for all your HVAC needs this fall. Our technicians will enhance your heating system’s performance, and you can rest easy knowing that your furnace is efficient for the winter.

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