5 Common Boiler Problems in Bunn, NC

Some boiler problems are complex and beyond the homeowner’s purview. Others may be common system glitches that don’t necessarily need a seasoned technician. Read on and learn the five common boiler problems in Bunn, NC, and what may be the cause.

1. Radiators Not Heating

Radiator valves allow you to control the distribution of heat. If you’re not getting heat or heat is uneven across rooms, valves likely aren’t correctly adjusted. Try turning valves to even it out. If this doesn’t work they may need replacing by a technician.

2. No Power to Boiler

If you’re not getting power, boiler pressure may drop too low and prevent sufficient heating. Check the dial to see if your needle is in the red zone. Check it daily and if it persists, you definitely want to contact a qualified technician to see if the boiler needs repair.

3. Water Line is Surging

Dirty water, high pH, overfiring and improper near-boiler piping can cause a boiler’s water line to surge up and down. You don’t want to end up with a flooded boiler. Solve the issue by calling a technician to adjust the firing rates, clean the boiler, or correct near-boiler piping.

4. Low Boiler Pressure

Low pressure can mean your system isn’t getting enough water to function properly. This will happen if radiators were recently bled, or a component or seal is defective. The device may need re-pressurizing, a task you want to consult with a professional about.

5. Frozen Condensate Pipe

Frozen condensate line is common during cold spells. The condensate pipe ensures any condensate drains outside the Bunn, NC, home. If the pipe freezes there’s the possibility of blockage. If the clogged condensate backs up, it could damage the boiler system.

One last thing to remember is a problem with the boiler may not be directly linked to the boiler. Gas lines, for instance, can impact your boiler’s performance and that requires a call to the energy company. When you do have a problem that needs a certified professional, call Alford Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning for the best boiler services in Bunn, NC.

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