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Undertaking simple furnace maintenance, such as changing air filters, is possible for many homeowners. However, when it comes to furnace repairs in your home in Spring Hope, North Carolina, it’s safer to leave those to certified HVAC technicians. Here are five dangers associated with attempting DIY furnace repair.

Risk of Starting a Fire

Heating systems like furnaces can be potential fire hazards if they don’t get regular maintenance. If you try to service a furnace yourself without proper professional knowledge, you might not be able to detect, and especially correct, faulty wiring. You might also miss gas leaks or overlook pilot light issues if you try to tackle the maintenance yourself, greatly increasing the risk of fire.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from Furnace

If you get the DIY furnace repair wrong, you might end up releasing carbon monoxide into your home. As it’s an invisible, odorless gas, you won’t even notice the leakage until you start experiencing symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

High Repair Costs of Botched DIY Attempts

Repairing a botched DIY furnace repair can prove to be expensive. You’ll get more savings as well as increased safety and efficiency with professional HVAC maintenance.

Voiding Your Furnace Warranty

HVAC companies offer warranties on their products only as long as you get professional repair work. If you attempt the DIY heating repair and something goes wrong, the manufacturer will consider the warranty to have been voided and will refuse to cover the repair cost. So, you’ll have to pay the repair expenses out of your own pocket.

Losing Insurance Coverage

To keep your warranty effective, you may need to show proof that you are safeguarding your home with seasonal HVAC professional maintenance. If you have to file a warranty claim, you must submit maintenance paperwork from a reputable HVAC company. Since you won’t have this if you undertake DIY furnace repairs, your warranty may be invalidated.

To avoid these issues, contact Alford Mechanical and schedule HVAC maintenance at least once or twice a year. Give us a call, and we’ll send an experienced HVAC technician to make sure your furnace stays functional and safe.

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