Can I Install My Own Heat Pump in Louisburg, NC?

When your home needs an upgrade, doing those things yourself is incredibly rewarding. While tackling some jobs on your own is a great way to save money, some projects, such as installing your own new heat pump, should not be a weekend warrior project. Before installing your own heat pump, consider these three reasons you should let the professionals handle it.

Keeping Yourself Safe

Heat pumps consume between 545 and 7,500 watts of electricity. Additionally, most air-source HVAC systems rely on between four and 20 amps and about 230 volts of electricity. Those numbers indicate that you should never try to install your own heat pump.

Obviously, dealing with that much electricity without proper training poses a threat of electrocution. Also of note, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you may create a fire risk for yourself and your loved ones.

Keeping Your Warranty Active

Heat pumps, much like other major home appliances, come standard with warranties. However, warranties come with strict requirements that you must adhere to keep the warranty valid.

Virtually all heat pump warranties mandate that a professional installs the system and files the necessary paperwork. Installing it on your own will void the warranty. It makes you responsible for the cost of any future repairs.

Keeping Costs Down

Most people who try to install their own heat pump do so because they are trying to save some money. Unfortunately, installing your HVAC system is likely to result in additional expenses. Without training, you may damage parts of your HVAC system during installation, resulting in additional costs later.

When investing in a new HVAC system, you should schedule a professional to install it correctly. We are happy to schedule a consultation to determine the service that best fits your needs. Contact Alford Mechanical today to schedule a heat pump installation and ask about our HVAC maintenance services in Louisburg, NC.

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