Diagnosing a Broken Thermostat in Wake County, NC

The thermostat is both the control center of your HVAC system and your direct interface for warm air at a button’s press. However, an incorrect temperature may indicate trouble with this usually reliable system. If you suspect that there may be an issue with your home’s thermostat in Wake County, NC, here are some tips to try and diagnose the problem.

Low Power

Depending on the age of your thermostat, it may run on either battery or wired power. Low battery power is a common issue for older thermostats, especially those that do not warn you when to replace their batteries. Replace the batteries in the back of your thermostat to resolve this problem.

Inaccurate Temperatures

If the system is running but things don’t feel right even with a full battery, check your thermostat’s accuracy with another thermometer. Grab one from the hardware store to leave next to your thermostat for an hour. If the temperatures are off by more than a single degree, have a professional install a new thermostat.

Fluctuating Temperatures

Windy, drafty conditions or direct sunlight can affect thermostats as well. If you find your home fluctuates in temperature throughout the day, check to see if there is another factor affecting its performance like a cracked window or open blinds. If there are, consider having a professional move it to a better location.

Incorrect Settings

Long-forgotten settings can cause trouble with a thermostat. More modern thermostats can provide insight into your home’s temperature, but older models may have settings that affect your home’s temperature. Try to reset and reprogram your thermostat if you believe this to be an issue.

If none of these tips help fix your thermostat, it may be at the end of its life. Thermostats more than 10 years old may not function properly. For repairs or replacements of thermostats, contact Alford Mechanical.

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