What You Should Know About Fall Boiler Maintenance

Maintenance may not be something you think about until your HVAC system breaks down on a hot or cold day. Your AC should have maintenance in the spring, and your furnace should have maintenance in the fall. Fall boiler maintenance can prevent small issues from becoming larger problems, and there are many other reasons in Franklin County, TN.

Why Do Boilers Need Annual Maintenance?

Boilers are a lower maintenance part of your HVAC system, but they still need annual maintenance. Boilers can suffer from wear and tear including corrosion.

Boilers should have maintenance every fall because of a buildup of particulates from water residue. The water residue buildup can cause rust if a professional doesn’t flush the system periodically.

Annual Boiler Maintenance Tasks

There are several types of maintenance tasks our professionals use to keep your boiler in top condition. Checking for rust on your boiler is usually one of the first tasks done. The heat exchanger needs to be checked for cracks and corrosion also.

The boiler’s tank may need to be replaced if there is too much rust that could impede its water flow. Flushing sediment and checking water levels in the boiler’s tank is important. The professionals lubricate any moving parts of the system, too.

Benefits of Fall Boiler Maintenance

An up-to-date heating system lowers your utility bills by running smoothly. Safety is a big reason to have professionals check your boiler every fall. It’s harmful to have cold weather without a way to warm up and dangerous to have dirty burners or blocked vents in your furnace.

Maintaining your boiler annually saves you money by reducing a chance of a breakdown. Heating systems typically last longer than cooling systems, but a less maintained boiler could last as few as 10 years. By getting your boiler maintained annually, your system will continue to run efficiently.

Having boiler maintenance annually can keep your home safe from hazards. A heating system that doesn’t have annual maintenance can also be dangerous if it uses natural or LP gas, or oil. A byproduct of these combustion fuels are carbon monoxide, which is an odorless gas that can cause illness and even death, if undetected. If you need heating repairs in Franklin County, TN, call Alford Mechanical to schedule an appointment today.

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