Home Automation Devices to Keep Your Home Comfortable

Home automation is one of the newest technologies hitting the market. Integrating a Wi-Fi-connected smart thermostat into your Knightdale, North Carolina, home can help keep you and your family comfortable and help save you money on energy bills. Let’s look at how a smart thermostat and home automation can benefit you.

Control Your HVAC Settings

You can pre-program your thermostat for different temperatures throughout the day. When you are away, you can raise the temperature of the air conditioner or lower the heat setting. When you are returning, have the thermostat change the temperature to a comfortable level for when you arrive home. The Trane smart thermostat works with Nexia Home Intelligence so that you can control the temperature remotely. Simply download the compatible app to your mobile device and you are able to make adjustments while away.

Manage Lights and Security Cameras

Some smart thermostats allow integration with other home automation devices that allow you to remotely control the lights and security cameras in your home. You can dim or brighten the lights with an app on your mobile device, and while away, you can change the times they go on and off. You can also get apps that let you review your security camera in real-time.

Receive Reports

Smart thermostats will send you energy tracking reports that show which area of your home is using more energy than others, and at what time of day. With this information, you can make necessary adjustments so you aren’t wasting energy and money. You will also receive reminders on when your HVAC maintenance is due. You can also receive weather alerts if the weather changes dramatically while you are away. You can have someone protect your property from severe weather with this information.

Ready to automate your home? Give our team at Alford Mechanical a call today to schedule an appointment for the installation of your new smart thermostat. We are happy to speak with you at 919-246-5265.

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