How HVAC Affects Employee Productivity

Keeping employees motivated is a constant challenge, and unpleasant working conditions only increase the difficulty. When you’re thinking of ways to boost employee performance, you probably don’t think about your commercial HVAC system, but you should. Here are three ways that your HVAC system affects employee productivity.


Although it might not sound like a lot, raising or lowering the temperature a few degrees significantly affects employee performance. According to experts, changing the thermostat by 2 percent can lead to a 10 percent loss in productivity. Another study showed that at 68 degrees, employees made 44 percent more errors than when the thermostat was set at 77 degrees. The employer’s cost: 10 percent more per hour per employee. Whether you’re a small company or a large one, the added cost significantly affects your bottom line.

Indoor Air Quality

A series of studies showed that in workplace environments that had good indoor air quality, 30 percent fewer workers reported sick-building symptoms such as fatigue, respiratory problems, and skin irritations. When you consider that absenteeism costs employers between $2,600 and $3,600 a year, a 30 percent reduction in workplace-related illness is significant, especially when you compare it to the modest cost of a commercial AC tune-up that keeps your IAQ at a high level.

Noise Distractions

Noise frequently provides an unwelcome distraction in the workplace. If you neglect regular maintenance on your commercial HVAC system, you could unwittingly add to a productivity problem. Popping sounds when your AC starts up and a squeaky belt are distractions that you can prevent with a commercial AC tune-up.

An efficient commercial HVAC system balances heating, cooling, and indoor air quality. If any of these areas are out of kilter, your company could be paying a high price for uncomfortable working conditions. To schedule a commercial AC tune-up or learn more about our maintenance services, call us today at 919-246-5265.

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