How Professional HVAC Maintenance Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

You’ve done what you can to transform your home into a healthy sanctuary. Unfortunately, dangers to your and your family’s health will infiltrate your Wake Forest, North Carolina, home, and you’ll need a professional hand to help you keep things under control. Professional HVAC maintenance is good for more than repairing your unit; it can also ensure that your system cultivates high indoor air quality in your home. Here’s how.

What Is Professional HVAC Maintenance?

While you can certainly change your air filters and watch how you use your HVAC system, there isn’t much direct HVAC maintenance that you can complete without proper training. Just as you rely on medical professionals to keep your body running smoothly, HVAC professionals do everything they can to make sure your system is up to snuff.

During a bi-annual maintenance appointment, our technicians conduct a number of tasks, which include cleaning your system, inspecting the unit and conducting any necessary repairs, checking refrigerant levels, lubricating moving parts, checking controls, and much more. Technicians can also evaluate your heating and cooling habits and help you identify areas where you could cut your utility costs.

How Does HVAC Maintenance Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Many homeowners are aware of how HVAC maintenance improves energy efficiency by fixing energy-sapping problems, but how does HVAC maintenance produce a cleaner home? For starters, as with any area of your home, particulates will slowly build up within your system. The problem is that you won’t see that buildup as you may on your kitchen counters. Over time, that buildup can hinder airflow and some of those particles may hitch a ride on your air, spreading throughout your home. During maintenance, technicians will clean your unit and prevent that buildup.

By moving air, your HVAC system helps maintain high indoor air quality by preventing your air from going stale and ventilating potentially hazardous particles. Professional maintenance will further improve your indoor air quality by guaranteeing that your unit can effectively ventilate your home.

Professional HVAC maintenance is the key to a healthier, more comfortable, and more efficient home. To schedule your next maintenance appointment, call Alford Mechanical at 919-246-5265.

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