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The right landscaping can make your home more attractive, increase its value, and lower your heating and air conditioning costs. You could save hundreds per year, and your Bunn, North Carolina, home’s landscaping will become more efficient and valuable as your plants get larger. You can also extend your HVAC system’s life by avoiding wear and tear. You can save energy with landscaping by adding shade, placing pavement carefully, and blocking cold winds.

Adding Shade

Plant more deciduous trees on the western side of your home to protect it from the hot afternoon sun. They lose their leaves in winter, so the sun can still reach your home when it’s chilly outside. Smaller trees will grow faster, and many types have attractive flowers in spring and summer. You can also place an awning over your outdoor HVAC unit to protect it from the sun, leaves, pine needles, and other debris.

Placing Pavement Carefully

Pavement absorbs heat. It can lower your heating costs in winter, but it can also increase your summer air conditioning expenses. Avoid dark pavement colors and keep as much of it shaded as possible, especially during summer. Substitute pavement when possible for grass or a wooden path.

Blocking Cold Winds

A fence or a wall around the edges of your yard will block cold winter winds and provide extra privacy for you and your family. You can also plant two or three rows of shrubs in a staggered pattern around your home for added insulation. Adding a windbreak reduces wind chill, the heat loss caused by cold wind. It will make the air around your home feel warmer and let you use your heater less in winter.

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