Should I Replace My Boiler in Bunn, NC?

Winters in Bunn, NC, get pretty cold, and the last thing you want is a home without heat. If your boiler is getting up there in age, it’s more prone to breakdowns that leave you bundled in coats and blankets until it’s repaired. In this article, we go over five signs it’s time to get it replaced, pronto.

Old Age

With proper maintenance, your boiler can have a long and useful life. Even perfect maintenance can’t stop time, however. If it’s 15 years or older, consider calling us for a replacement.

Longer Heating Times

A properly functioning boiler begins to heat within seconds. If you’ve noticed you wait around for it to begin heating, it’s likely become inefficient and needs replacing.

Rising Bills

Though much of the country is currently experiencing rising utility costs, both a sharp increase in heating costs and steadily rising heating bills are a sign of trouble. Your boiler may be working overtime, trying to keep up with old age and poor performance.

Frequent Boiler Repairs

It’s normal for your heating system to need a repair every now and then. It’s a problem when these repairs come with increasing frequency and cost. If you’ve had several repairs in the last year or two, it may be time a new one.


Boiler leaks aren’t uncommon as your unit ages, but they should always get taken care of promptly due to the risk of further damage and electrical shock. If the leak can’t be easily repaired or if this isn’t the first one it has experienced, it’s probably a wise idea to consider a replacement model.

If your boiler simply isn’t doing the job right anymore, it’s time for a replacement. Give us a call today at Alford Mechanical, and we’ll help you find a new boiler that’s right for you!

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