Should You Replace Your Knightdale, NC AC?

It’s essential to have a dependable air conditioner in Knightdale, NC. You don’t have to wait until your AC breaks down on a hot day to notice a problem with your system. To avoid sweating during a heat wave, keep an eye out for these indicators that your AC may need a replacement.

Old System

In general, your cooling system may need to be replaced every 10 – 15 years or so. If your unit has been in service for more than 12 years, it may be time to start looking for a replacement. Invest in an ENERGY STAR-rated air conditioning unit to cut your cooling expenditures by up to 20%.

Noisy Unit

When your air conditioner operates, it will undoubtedly make some noise, but if it appears to have become excessively loud, it may need reparis that are better invested in a replacement. Upgrade from evaporative air conditioning to refrigerated cooling for a more efficient and quieter cooling system in your Knightdale, NC, home or office.

Increasing Energy Bills

Air conditioners won’t operate perfectly and then abruptly fail. Instead, they’ll gradually lose efficiency and demand increasing amounts of electricity to keep your house cool. If your utility expenditures appear to be increasing year after year, you may have to replace the air conditioner.

Regular Repairs

If you have to schedule repairs for your air conditioner on a regular basis, you may need to replace it. Frequent repairs grow costly over time and are no longer cost-effective.

If you have to repair a critical component, replacing the entire system may be a better cost choice. Consult a skilled HVAC expert to determine whether replacing your cooling system is the best option.

Contact Alford Mechanical if you’ve noticed any of these signs with your cooling system lately. Our skilled professionals can guide you through selecting the best AC for your home and budget.

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