The Importance of the Right Furnace Filter in Wake County, NC

A furnace filter is a simple but important part of your Wake County, NC, home heating system. It plays a significant role in maintaining your home’s comfort by ensuring that the heating system is operational and reliable. Below are some benefits of good filters.

Protects the Heating System

The primary duty of a furnace filter is to stop dust and dirt in the air from entering the intake vent that goes through the heating system. Dust buildup can damage the system’s components, reducing the furnace lifespan and increasing its maintenance cost. It can also force the system to work extra hard, raising energy bills and causing unnecessary wear and tear on the furnace.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Choosing a cheaper filter often means choosing a lower level of sediment trapping. However, better filters can eradicate small particles from the air efficiently. If you suffer from low indoor air quality or allergies, you can improve your home comfort by acquiring a furnace filter with a higher MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating.

Experienced professionals may recommend a filter with a 4 MERV rating, but you can benefit more by going for a higher rating. Be sure not to exceed the MERV-rating recommended by your HVAC system’s manufacturer. However, if you have issues with indoor air quality, you can get an in-line air purifier installed into your system.

Lower Energy Bills

When it comes to the heating system’s efficiency and effectiveness, the most crucial factor to check is airflow. When dirt and dust clog the filter, they diminish the air circulating to the furnace, forcing the system to work extra hard to heat your home.

This can result in wear and tear of the system and affect its efficiency. Failure to maintain the furnace filter can increase the energy bills, especially in winter. It can also wear out your system prematurely and require you to replace your furnace earlier than the end of its typical lifespan.

If you need help picking the right filter for your heating system, contact us at Alford Mechanical. We have experienced and reliable technicians who can make a good recommendation to suit your system’s needs.

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