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When your ductless mini-split system stops keeping your home comfortable, you want to know why. While it’s never a good idea for you to perform any sort of system repairs on your ductless mini-split, there is nothing wrong with troubleshooting the problem and getting an idea about what is wrong. Be sure to look for some of these common problems when troubleshooting your ductless mini-split.

Fan Is Blowing, But the System Isn’t Cooling

You should be able to hear or even feel the fan blowing air in your ductless mini-split, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s providing cool air for your home. If ice has covered the evaporator coils on your ductless mini-split, the fan may continue to run but the system won’t be able to provide cool air. You may also have a bad electrical element which would prevent the system from cooling the air.

Puddles of Water or Wet Walls

All HVAC systems, traditional or ductless, create condensation. Your ductless mini-split relies on a condensate line to carry this condensation through your wall and out of your home. If you notice a puddle of water near the system or a wet spot on your home’s walls, the condensate line probably has a clog and should receive a professional cleaning right away.

Lack of Cooling Power

It’s not uncommon for systems to struggle to provide an adequate supply of cool air when the filter needs to be changed. While changing the air filter is certainly something you can handle on your own, in some cases, the dirt and debris go beyond the air filter. If your unit becomes clogged or dirty, the system will struggle to keep your home cool enough.

No matter what’s wrong with your ductless mini-split, our team of professional service techs knows how to repair the issue. Call Alford Mechanical today to find out about all of our ductless and traditional HVAC services.

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