What Happens During Seasonal HVAC Tune-Ups?

HVAC maintenance is the surest way to keep your Wake Forest heating and cooling equipment healthy. In North Carolina, heaters should be tuned up in early fall; air conditioners need service every spring. Research has conclusively shown that seasonal HVAC tune-ups maximize efficiency and put money in your pocket. They can also save you the cost and aggravation of equipment breakdowns. Here’s what to expect when your service technician arrives:

Maintenance for Wake Forest, NC Heating and AC Systems

The first order of business is a complete system inspection. An experienced service technician can identify and rectify potential threats that are barely noticeable now but can turn into HVAC breakdowns down the road. Your technician will then replace the filter and clean the unit to remove accumulated dirt and grime. The following tasks should be completed for both heating and cooling systems:

  • Calibrate controls and check thermostat for accurate readouts
  • Lubricate moving parts to prevent friction
  • Tighten electrical connections and check for safety hazards

AC Tune-up

In addition to the above, the following AC tune-up tasks should be performed:

  • Clean condensate drain line and drain pan
  • Check refrigerant level
  • Align and clean blower components
  • Clean the evaporator and condenser cooling coils

Heating Tune-up

A heating tune-up should include these tasks in addition to those performed for both systems:

  • Inspect gas or oil connections
  • Check burner combustion
  • Inspect heat exchanger for cracks and leaks
  • Check gas or oil pressure

Between HVAC Tune-ups

Most contractors recommend that you check air filters monthly and replace them when dirty. Keep the outdoor unit level and clear the area of any debris. Cut back foliage three to six feet from the unit so as not to obstruct air flow.

Learn more about the cost-saving benefits of HVAC maintenance for your Wake Forest, NC home by contacting us to schedule maintenance for your heating and cooling system today.

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