Why Is the Furnace Blowing So Hard?

Coming home to a warm and toasty home on a chilly day is something we often take for granted. If the furnace quits working, we quickly realize how much we took it for granted. Sometimes, though, a heating system issue develops in a different form, such as a furnace that’s blowing too hard. Keep reading to learn why your heating system is blowing so hard in your Spring Hope, North Carolina, home and what to do about it.

Faulty Thermostat

A common cause of a furnace blowing too hard is a faulty thermostat.

Your thermostat communicates with the heating system and tells it when to shut off. Once the temperature in the home dips below the temperature you set, it signals it to kick back on. If the thermostat is faulty, it doesn’t tell the heating system the house is meeting your desired heating preference. Therefore, it stays on and keeps heating the home. A quick and easy fix for this problem is to install a quality smart thermostat, which can further improve indoor comfort levels and help the furnace achieve maximum heating efficiency.

Dirty Filter

The furnace filter directly impacts how hard your furnace has to work. Your heating system strives to heat your home with maximum efficiency, especially when paired with a smart programmable thermostat. If the air filter is dirty, though, this makes it difficult for the furnace to produce warm air. As a result, it stays on and blows hard in an attempt to maintain the temperature set on the thermostat.

Changing the filter any time it’s dirty is a great way to prevent the heating system from over-working and continuing to blow. Set a reminder on your smartphone to check the filter once a month. If you have indoor pets, set the reminder for once every 15 days. Pet dander trapped in the filter is detrimental to indoor air quality and causes the heating system to work harder than it should have to.

Alford Mechanical specializes in a variety of furnace repair and maintenance services. Contact us today at 919-246-5265 to schedule an appointment. One of our certified technicians can inspect your furnace to determine why it’s blowing so hard.

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