Why Your AC Runs Better After a Tune-Up

We all know AC maintenance is as crucial as timely oil changes for your car, but why? Your air conditioner works hard to keep your Bunn, North Carolina home comfortable throughout the year. At some point, it’s bound to experience wear and tear. Professional AC maintenance will help identify and fix small problems, as well as help increase the energy efficiency of your system.

Easy-Fixes Can Prevent Costly AC Repairs

There are common problems that might arise when your system is working hard to cool your home, especially in the middle of the harshest summer days. Some of these include clogged air filters, low refrigerant, a malfunctioning thermostat, among others. As time goes on without identifying these issues, they might become more problematic and will eventually lead to costly AC repairs.

During an AC maintenance appointment, a service technician will inspect every component of your system. He or she will then fix any small issues and leave your unit in top-notch condition, ready to meet your indoor cooling needs. But that’s not all. After a tune-up, your air conditioner will not only be in better shape physically; it will also perform at a more energy efficient level.

Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your System

The harder your AC has to work, the more energy it wastes. Low refrigerant, for example, will result in insufficient cooling. Meanwhile, a clogged air filter will cause your unit to have problems circulating airflow. All of these problems cause your system to work harder, and therefore, your utility bills to spike.

Increase Your System’s Lifespan

Less AC repairs and improved efficiency lead to your system performing at its best, which also helps increase its lifespan. Maintenance plans might seem like an additional cost at first, but they are guaranteed to help your wallet by preventing large repairs or even premature system replacements down the road.

If you would like to learn more about our preventive AC maintenance plans, contact our experts at Alford Mechanical today.

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