5 HVAC Concerns That Require Urgent Repair

Keeping your HVAC system running is of vital importance in your Bunn, North Carolina, home. As your system ages, parts can become loose and worn, signaling a need for repair. Fortunately, your HVAC system is likely to let you know that something is wrong before it breaks down. There are some signs that you should be extra vigilant about, as they often are signaling problems that need urgent HVAC repair.

Weakened or No Airflow

If you suddenly notice a decrease in the airflow coming out of your vents, it’s probably due to a blockage somewhere within the ductwork. It also could be a problem with a large crack or break in the ductwork that is letting out the conditioned or heated air. If you have had weakened airflow for a while, you may also have noticed an increase in your energy use.

No airflow at all could illustrate a problem such as a clogged filter, or it could mean problems with dirty or failing parts that should be diagnosed by an HVAC professional. In either case, you should shut your system off to prevent putting additional strain on it and then contact a repair technician.

Unusual Sounds or Smells

While some smells and sounds can be expected, especially when you start your system for the first time in the season, they should go away within a few minutes of being started up. If you hear rattling or clanging noises, there’s a good chance that a part, such as a bearing, has come loose and is hitting other parts of the system. Squealing noises can indicate problems with belts or the need for parts to be oiled.

Any unusual smell should be investigated, but one that can indicate a particular danger is a burning or electrical smell. This smell may often be accompanied with a buzzing or popping noise. This can indicate a dangerous situation in the electrical systems and can result in a fire hazard, putting your family and home at risk. You should shut off your system and contact a repair technician.

The smell of rotten eggs is another odor to take seriously and could signify a gas leak. If you smell it, shut off the system, open the windows, and go to a safe place to call for assistance.

No Response

A definite indicator that there is a major problem with your system that warrants emergency repair is getting no response when the system starts up. This is unusual, especially with no type of warning. First, you’ll want to make sure it’s not a simple blown fuse. Check your breaker and shut off your system, and then restart the system. If this doesn’t fix the problem, or the system trips off again after a few minutes, you should call for repair immediately.

Inconsistency in Temperatures

A fluctuation in temperature can be common if you have an older system, have drafty areas in your home, or have older ductwork. But having a hot or cold room in your house for no discernable reason could be a sign that you’re getting poor airflow to that room or even that your system is not powerful enough to meet the demands of your home. This could indicate the need for an upgrade.

Opposite Temperatures

If you turn on your heater and feel cold air coming out, even after a few minutes of running, your system is telling you it’s time for an emergency service call. While this problem can be a major inconvenience, it’s also a sign of a significant issue, such as a complete blockage in the ductwork or somewhere in the unit. It also can signify that the unit is beginning to falter and on the verge of needing a repair or replacement. Shut off your system and contact an HVAC technician to properly diagnose the problem.

Ignoring any of these five signs of a major problem with your HVAC system can cause what might be a more minor problem to become a major one. In some cases, it can also cause your home to be unsafe. If your HVAC system is exhibiting any of those signs, contact Alford Mechanical at 919-246-5265 today to schedule your repair appointment.

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